Taichi is a unique internal martial arts form that consists of health enhancing exercise while expressing an appreciation of artistry. Taichi is popular worldwide because of the benefits it brings to one's well-being. Originally conceived as a martial art, it is also typically practiced for a variety of other personal reasons: competitive wrestling in the format of Pushing Hands and demonstration competitions. As a result, a multitude of training forms exist, both traditional and modern, which correspond to those aims with differing emphasis.
Some training forms of taichi are especially known for being practiced with relatively slow movements.
It is purported that focusing the mind solely on the movements of the form helps to bring about a state of mental calm and clarity.
Since the first widespread promotion of taichi’s health benefits in the early 20th century, it has developed a worldwide following among people with little or no interest in martial training, for its benefit to health.

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As one of the earliest and long-lasting sports, Wushu has developed its own characteristics over time.
Wushu has been developed into a great variety of schools and styles due to its long history. The assortment of schools and styles displays the colourful features and gratifies the various needs of people.
Wushu includes the use of many weapons. The combination of fist fights and weapon usage allows for a fuller and more efficient application of skills.
The movement of the human body is only the external display of Wushu. Wushu is by no means limited to the external movement, but also emphasizes the full display of the internal temperament, mental attitude and potential of the human being. Practice of it not only strengthens the bones and muscles but also the internal organs.
In a nutshell Wushu's functions are moral cultivation, offence and defence, curative effect, health improvement, artistic effect and intelligence.  

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